Videomesum 1byone 0.5 mm Paper Thin TV Aerial Amplified Indoor TV Antenna Transparent Window Aerial with 3 Meters High Performance Cable:Videomesum
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1byone 0.5 mm Paper Thin TV Aerial Amplified Indoor TV Antenna Transparent Window Aerial with 3 Meters High Performance Cable:Videomesum

1byone Published in October 19, 2018, 4:31 am
 1byone 0.5 mm Paper Thin TV Aerial Amplified Indoor TV Antenna Transparent Window Aerial with 3 Meters High Performance Cable:Videomesum

1byone 0.5 mm Paper Thin TV Aerial Amplified Indoor TV Antenna Transparent Window Aerial with 3 Meters High Performance Cable:Videomesum

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Mikey F
Mikey F Reply to on 4 March 2018
I'm in a ground floor apartment surrounded by tall buildings on all sides. My exterior aerial only gives me 7 Freeview channels, with very poor reception. First I tried a top of the range indoor antenna with a plug-in signal booster than supposedly filters out 4g and other unrelated wavelengths, it got me up to 24 channels, though at weak strength, and frequent drop-outs if I moved, sat up, or breathed too loudly!

I'd half given up, resigning myself to a life with no film 4, More 4, sky news, or any of the Freeview channels I'd actually consider watching :/
Whilst googling indoor aerial compartments & reviews, the 1byone scored very highly. I took a risk having already wasted £35 on the top of the range version, and this one didn't even need to be plugged in!

I'm so glad I gave this a punt, I'm now receiving 108 channels with a really strong signal on over half. I can now move around my flat, even doing the ironing without suffering signal disruption. For such an inexpensive product this is excellent.

Only one criticism, it says the cable is 3 meters in length, well if that's 3 meters, I've got 12 inches in length!!!!
Atomspheres Reply to on 6 January 2017
We bought this for my daughters room because the one from argos the pink heart that plugged in the wall for power started to brake up all the time and we never got HD channels with it, We stuck this one on the window and into the TV then searched for channels. I can say we were very happy to see it get passed 41 channels because that's what we got with the old one, when it finished my daughter went through it and said I have loads more channels and even the HD ones, The next morning my daughter said the picture never broke up once so we are very happy with it and would recommend to anyone.
e Reply to on 13 January 2017
Fantastic little gadget. TV in spare room, had tried several different popular indoor aerials, little technology challenged when it comes to any kind of gadget like this , so thought perhaps this wouldn't work, couldn't understand how it worked without a plug, but it does! The instructions seemed too easy, plug into your tv aerial in port, waft the sheet of film around in different locations till you get reception. Re scan for channels, hey presto have over 87 channels on my spare TV, this thing is fantastic.

be a little patient with locating best place for the film aerial as its not instant, just a couple of seconds in each position will do it.
S. Delaney
S. Delaney Reply to on 6 April 2018
I bought this after some very disappointing results from a SLx 27793RG Ultra High Performance British Engineered DigiTop Layflat Indoor Aerial For Digital TV Freeview HDTV product that was more expensive.

Attached the 1byone to the window with the supplied suckers. Plugged the aerial into the optional signal boosterr ( and then tuned in the TV. On the first attempt over 100 digital TV channels were picked up, with good picture quality. In comparison the SLx aerial that I tried received 10 digital TV channels.

I'd happilly recommend this product.
TheBloke Reply to on 11 April 2018
This aerial is surprisingly thin and light. It's literally like a sheet of thick cellophane.

It comes with two suction cups, and appropriate holes in the aerial sheet to fit them. It can therefore be stuck to a window or wall. I currently have it mounted on the inside of a kitchen window, connected to my kitchen TV. The aerial cable is of a decent length.

Results will be entirely dependent on your location relative to the nearest TV mast. In my case it's given me over 100 Freeview channels, including some HD. However the HD channels don't have good enough reception to display a good picture, and I do lose picture on SD channels some of the time as well. But I have no reason to think another aerial would do any better, and the ability to mount this on walls and windows makes it easy to find a place to get a decent signal.

The price is reasonable too, so this is an easy product to recommend.
William Hicks
William Hicks Reply to on 28 June 2017
Is larger than other "stick on" aerials that I have purchased, but does a good job. Grand daughter now has access to all the free channels on her tv and is well happy. It also hasn't moved or dropped off the window, unlike previous ones I have tried. I will be using this product in the other bedrooms so can recommend it, so long as you don't mind seeing a rather large plastic grid on your window. I have purchased a further 2 of this item, and they work well even when placed in a more concealed location, although of course couldn't use the suction cups to secure them.
Lianne R
Lianne R Reply to on 28 April 2018
Ive just installed this on my sons tv which is a hdtv freeview play smart tv. Pretty straight forward to set up, put the suction cups onto the plastic antenna and popped it on my sons bedroom window, stats put no slipping or sliding. The only issue I have is how many channels it managed to pick up, only 38 when according to freeview I can get 88. It could be the area I live in as it’s not a city but a town, but it’s relatively densely populated and the sky box downstairs gets all channels. Needless to say it has some channels my son watches but I will be getting him a NOW TV Box. The antenna itself doesn’t look bad on the window and is a big upgrade to how some antennas look. The length of the cable is long enough for what we need it for but in general if it was going from one side of the room to the other it would be rather short. In terms of the reception of the channels I had glitching for a few seconds on cbbc but was perfectly fine after and it was after the first installation could of been a first-time configuration so will keep an eye on it. Overall a good buy for a really cheap and cheerful price!
Jadey Reply to on 5 April 2017
I got this after a previous ariel for around same price was useless in getting a decent signal and when it did it would break up constantly. The lead was too short as well which didn't help in getting a good signal as could only have it next to the tv. This ariel is fantastic. The lead is much longer so able to get it attached to the window, which is not right next to the TV, with the suckers provided. It attached immediately and picked up a signal on all channels straight away without having to scan and perfect signal on all channels. So really happy.
paul winstanley
paul winstanley Reply to on 31 March 2018
My parents have recently sited a caravan in a bad signal area.
They tried their £220 caravan aerial with no luck. I then tried a further 3 different powered aerials and could only receive a split second of tv.

I researched, then bought this. I stuck it to the window with the idea of searching for channels, then id move for best position, didn’t have to. It tuned in and played all channels immediately and has not flickered since. I have no idea how this works better than an amplified aerial but it does. It also looks ok on a caravan window, you hardly notice it!

One small negative, the cable is not 3metres. It’s roughly 1metre.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 May 2017
Bought this for our motorhome. Been away with it a couple of times now and it performed fantastically. The first time I used it, performance was reasonable but since then we've been to a couple of sights and it has given crystal clear reception. At the last site, we initially hooked up to the onsite aerial but it was rubbish. Less than half the channels pick up and very broken signal. Plugged this in and reception was spot on. Retuned and got all the channels. It even worked with "silver screen" windscreen cover and all window blinds up. Amazing!
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