Videomesum LyDia® UK STOCK Professional 24pcs Natural Wooden handle Black/brown Make Up Brush Set with Case:Videomesum
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LyDia® UK STOCK Professional 24pcs Natural Wooden handle Black/brown Make Up Brush Set with Case:Videomesum

LyDia Published in October 19, 2018, 5:38 am
 LyDia® UK STOCK Professional 24pcs Natural Wooden handle Black/brown Make Up Brush Set with Case:Videomesum

LyDia® UK STOCK Professional 24pcs Natural Wooden handle Black/brown Make Up Brush Set with Case:Videomesum

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Eleanor Atkins
Eleanor Atkins Reply to on 17 October 2014
Great value for the price, good sturdy brushes and amazing quality too!
Suffolk gayman
Suffolk gayman Reply to on 14 January 2018
For the price these are very good. Nice soft bristles and good quality. Case ok, but not expecting leather at this price. Some people complained about the smell. My set arrived with no smell at all. Arrived very well sealed, double wrapped for hygiene and cleanliness. Would definitely buy again.
S. Favier
S. Favier Reply to on 27 September 2016
I first had issues with this product. When it first arrived it smelt of horrifying chemicals to the point that my throat and eyes were irritated and itchy. The brushes looked nice though. I finally figured out that the smell came from the black plastic cover. I threw it away and left the brushes to air for a good week before putting them in the bathroom. Since then, I have been using them. They smell normal and they look nice. I would recommend the brushes and would advise to throw away the black cover.
Lydia Reply to on 24 June 2016
They come in a lovely bag and all look good! Smells a little funny but that's cos they are new :)
mandy Reply to on 20 November 2017
excellent product
these brushes all come in a faux leather pouch (which does have a slight rubbery/plastic smell to it on unpacking), the brushes all have their own compartments in the pouch and all are indiviually wrapped in a protective sleeve.
the brushes are all good quality and a good size and have super soft bristles and nice chunky wooden handles on the larger brushes.
great value for money and well worth buying.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 16 May 2016
The brushes are good, although some of them have a shedding problem but it isnt too big of a deal because you get so many. Some of the brushes are also very very smooth and sleek, which i find it difficult to apply product to because it just slides off. Also, i find some of the eyeshadow brushes useless, as they don't actually pick up much product, and the ones that do pick up too much and it just gets very messy. The selection of brushes is good, I must say I am impressed with that, but I wouldn't say these brushes are worth buying again, ever.
Melissa Reply to on 7 February 2018
I was scared to buy this because I'm still a newby in this things but I'm so happy that I bought it. The brushes are so soft that I felt in love with it. The bag however comes with a very strong and awful smell but it's okay cuz I was kinda expecting it. Overall, I reccomend it because for the price, they are amazing. Can't wait to try them.
Rebecca Reply to on 17 October 2017
Can't fault it for the price! I'm not sure about the posts regarding the smell of this product, there is a very faint cheap imitation leather smell; though this is barely noticeable. I only noticed when putting my nose right up to the fabric to see following all of these reviews. I keep the brushes in a pot so will only need to use the roll for travel when necessary anyway. With regards to the brushes, I think they're brilliant for the money. Not the best quality, however they shed a lot less than my Mac brushes and have been sturdy enough for everyday use so far! Would definitely recommend! Very happy with this bargain!
Meghan Reply to on 15 August 2016
I guess you get what you pay for. One thing, the hairs come out of the brushes really easily- i’ve found myself having to brush away stray hairs multiple times. Other than that considering the price it’s not that bad.
EBob Reply to on 23 July 2018
Brushes seem overly cheap, received them, tried applying my eye shadow but the bristles kept coming out and sticking all over my face and going in my eyes. Tried a bigger brush for bronzer and the bristles kept coming out. Tried washing them incase a few were loose as new but still falling out and only used the brushes once.
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