Videomesum Nyakers Gingersnasps in Big Red Tin 900 g:Videomesum
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Nyakers Gingersnasps in Big Red Tin 900 g:Videomesum

Nyakers Published in October 19, 2018, 4:40 am
 Nyakers Gingersnasps in Big Red Tin 900 g:Videomesum

Nyakers Gingersnasps in Big Red Tin 900 g:Videomesum

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MissG Reply to on 12 January 2018
The taste of Christmas all year round & comes in a beautiful tin. The biscuits are delicious! It's impossible to have just one. Yes, some of the biscuits were broken on when the tin arrived, but the biscuits are delicate. Has anyone ever opened a tin/pack of biscuits where none are broken?? The taste of the biscuits does not alter just because they are broken. In my humble opinion the broken ones are the best ones!
TJA Reply to on 19 January 2018
Beautiful tin, fabulous really thin thins, unfortunately the packaging didn't protect the tin so I ended up with a damaged tin and a lot of smashed biscuits. I've let Amazon know because apparently you can't return this item. Watch this space
jeffers james
jeffers james Reply to on 4 January 2018
My family love these ginger biscuits at Chrismas and always purchase a tin. They are thin, light not too sweet and incredibly morish.
The major compliant I have is the packaging, you always seem to get broken biscuits and this year 2017 was the worst :0/
Please please reconsider the packaging......
Trish Foster
Trish Foster Reply to on 28 November 2016
These were ordered for Christmas as gifts found them in a fair last year the tins do sound as though there are a lot of broken ones however the taste of these scrummy biscuits will detract from that if they are as good as last years
Temis Gustard
Temis Gustard Reply to on 26 January 2018
Tastiest biscuits ever and I dont normally like ginger biscuits. loads of them in the tin, my new favourite
doro Reply to on 22 January 2018
Arrived well packed but 50% of biscuits broken. It does not bother me but I could not give these biscuits as a gift. Lovely tasty biscuits.
Mrs R.
Mrs R. Reply to on 12 January 2017
Developed a taste for these biscuits while living in Sweden for a few months. So pleased to have found somewhere to buy them in the U.K. Although there were quite a few broken biscuits in the tin, they still tasted great and I would happily buy them again.
vicky Reply to on 26 September 2017
Lovely biscuits we get them each xmas
Linda Porter
Linda Porter Reply to on 10 September 2018
Biscuits tasted fine but completely demolished upon delivery. An expensive price to pay for broken biscuits
Jasmine Reply to on 21 November 2017
These biscuits are amazing and make a lovely gift, BUT they often get broken in the post, I recently sent three tins back as they sounded like they had been reduced to crumbs. Better packaging needed!
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