Videomesum Ultrasport Advanced Softshell Jacket Tina for Women, Women's Functional Jacket, Women's Outdoor Jacket, Navy/Light Blue, 2X-Large:Videomesum
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Ultrasport Advanced Softshell Jacket Tina for Women, Women's Functional Jacket, Women's Outdoor Jacket, Navy/Light Blue, 2X-Large:Videomesum

Ultrasport Published in October 19, 2018, 5:16 am
 Ultrasport Advanced Softshell Jacket Tina for Women, Women's Functional Jacket, Women's Outdoor Jacket, Navy/Light Blue, 2X-Large:Videomesum

Ultrasport Advanced Softshell Jacket Tina for Women, Women's Functional Jacket, Women's Outdoor Jacket, Navy/Light Blue, 2X-Large:Videomesum

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SlayerKat Reply to on 19 January 2018
Really love this coat. It's perfect for running in the winter and colder weather. First off though sizing! Major issue. I'm a 10-12 (ladies) and usually purchase a 'small' and I got the size Large to try but it's really small. It only just fits me so if you're looking at purchasing go bigger much bigger than your usual size. I got lucky that the large just fits me. It's a great quality coat. It's quite thin and has a neoprene style finish so it has kept me dry in showers too. It zips up fully to the neck and the hood is a nice size and stays up when needed. But it doesn't have a pull cord to hold it on. The arms are a good fit with movement and the wrist warmer/hand gloves are a brilliant addition. I enjoy running but get cold arms and like to keep my fingers free so this style of fit suits me to a tea. Like wearing gloves but without actually having to. There are zip air vents under the armpits which I generally keep open. Also two zipped pockets on the sides which are perfect for carrying keys and phone. I usually wear this jacket over 2 layers of thermal running gear. I did actually find myself getting too hot at one point! It's utterly brilliant for outdoor activities. It washes well in a standard wash and dries quickly. See my pics.
J. Dawson
J. Dawson Reply to on 13 July 2018
I expected to keep this as a standby for when my mother visits and needs a good outdoor jacket, but it ended up being much too small for her. So do bear in mind the sizing! However, I can still review the attributes of the jacket so will do so. It looks pretty good - I'm not a great fan of "sportswear" with its bright contrasting colour blocks. This is subtle, with the bright coloured limited to small accents on the neck and pockets. To my mind, this means it looks much smarter than many comparable products. The fabric also feels seriously heavy duty - almost like neoprene. It's very thick and sturdy but also stretchy and flexible, so should be quite comfortable to wear whilst also keeping the elements out. All in all, it looks and feels like a really good quality item for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities. Knowing how much good quality outdoor wear costs, this seems like an absolute bargain. Just remember and check the size carefully!
Laura Smith
Laura Smith Reply to on 9 January 2018
I'm a size 18, and this was too small for me to zip up - however, if I were a 16 I think this would be the perfect fit! Time for a diet... So, as I can't zip it, I can't fully review, but I can say that this is comfy and warm. It's obviously for a woman as it's fitted. The fabric is lovely to touch and feels premium. I'm not keen on the pink zippers, but these can easily be removed if need be. I love the vents, these are a great idea. This jacket is just right for hiking, or even walking round a city on a wet and slightly cold day. Its so lightweight too! It doesnt look overly sporty which is good - just smart.
Stromata Reply to on 21 February 2018
Very nice, comfortable jacket with a slightly fitted cut, as can be seen from the photograph on the product page. The jacket that was sent for trying was labelled 'Large', however it fitted my daughter, a size 12/14, beautifully. She is an enthusiastic hiker and dog-walker, she loved the way the sleeves looped over the thumbs, so no more cold wrists and arms.

Lightweight yet substantial, this would have met my travelling, rather than sporting, needs very well - had my daughter not taken possession of it! I will also add it looks quite stylish and I think it would be a really practical move to buy the matching waterproof jacket to wear on top.

Having looked around some sportswear shops recently, I believe this jacket is a very good price for the quality of product.
Purpleheart Reply to on 13 January 2018
I think this jacket is very good indeed. It's form fitting and light but is wind and water proof, so I've found it very useful for walking. The hood is not too large so it stays up easily unlike the one on my ski jacket. The pockets are nice and deep so that they fit my large iPhone. I think the ventilation zips will be good for warmer weather. all in all it's exceeded my expectations. the only thing that's put me off is the writing on the right arm saying Ultra flow 5000 - unnecessarily large and intrusive. The jacket itself is great.
Epigone Reply to on 11 February 2018
Very warm and comfortable winter jacket - great for long walks, with good protection against wind and the elements. The hood is nice and snug and combined with the adjustable waist means that you can keep yourself good and cosy while out and about, and the branding is quite neutral so you don't stand out too much.
FLB Reply to on 19 January 2018
This is a really nice jacket, lovely feel, lovely design - I particularly like the turquioise elements - makes it really pretty and not as bland. It fits well, although not much room for a jumper underneath. Lightweight and comfortable - good value for money.
Mr. J. McEvoy
Mr. J. McEvoy Reply to on 13 January 2018
Really snug fit and helps stop the wind from getting under the jacket as it clings quite tightly to the body. Could even be worn under a larger coat if you're finding it's very cold. The material has a nice feel to it. Nice jacket.
Lincs Reader
Lincs Reader Reply to on 13 January 2018
Moderately priced jacket, that seems to be very well made and the material and stitching is high quality.
Slim fitting, and quite snug, but perfect for it's intended use ; to keep out the wind and the rain when outdoors.
Whilst the material is waterproof, it is also breathable and soft and very comfortable to wear, with a well fitting hood that stays in place.
The jacket is branded and the branding is noticeable, so anyone who prefers something more subtle may not like this. It doesn't bother me though.
Zipped pockets and a zip fastening that is easy to close and of good quality.
A good, all-round jacket for the colder months
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