Videomesum Xact Mens Slim Fit Joggers Made in England (Black) L:Videomesum
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Xact Mens Slim Fit Joggers Made in England (Black) L:Videomesum

Xact Published in October 19, 2018, 5:34 am
 Xact Mens Slim Fit Joggers Made in England (Black) L:Videomesum

Xact Mens Slim Fit Joggers Made in England (Black) L:Videomesum

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Haig XI
Haig XI Reply to on 21 April 2017
These slim fit pants are so great I felt I had to write a review. In fact they fit so well, that not only did I buy one colour of each at first on my first order, I actually ordered the whole lot again a second time so that I had two pairs of each colour. They are the best fitting slim fit pants that I've ever bought or worn and I have bought quite a considerable amount of other styles and makes and these ones are by far the best! The fit is perfect and they really are what they say they are, an exact fit, not too baggy, not too tight, not too short, they fit perfect and the Large size that i bought was perfect for my size and I'm 6ft tall and a 32 inch waist and 13 stone in weight. They are perfect for doing all my fitness classes and don't start pulling at the crotch area when doing certain movements with the legs such as kicks and lunges etc yet they have all the movement needed whilst keeping the slim fit tapered style on the bottom of the legs, all in all, a perfect product for me!
Sulley Reply to on 17 September 2017
They fit perfectly.
Size XL ordered for my 37" waist and 31" inside leg but would also fit slightly larger bulk and longer leg by an inch or so. As well as the drawstring to tighten, the waist is also elasticated. 65% polyester, 35% cotton, wash at 30°c and they shouldn't shrink. Really well made and as described by the seller Xact clothing.
Best joggers I've ever bought. My only observation is that the drawstring should match the colour of the joggers, but that's subjective. A neat and unobtrusive X logo on the left leg next to the pocket, quality stitching with no loose threads.
Five stars and well deserved.
Connor Reply to on 10 April 2018
They are ok . They fit well and are comfortable . But they did bobble after one wash which is pretty disappointing. Maybe this company should upgrade their machines as the fabric has a lot of pits in it , not smooth and uniform like more well known brands.

They aren't hugely expensive so its not that big a deal . But perhaps the lack of quality suggests a drop in price considering you can get other brands like those two boxing brands that are popular who are selling slim fit joggers for a tenner of slightly better quality than these are . They don't bobble half as quick...
Callum Reply to on 1 October 2017
I had two a pair of these, a dark grey pair and these, the dark grey are still going strong, fit well and have held their shape, these unfortunately have no done that recently the elastic around the waistband started to twist and frayed apart. unfortunately I could no wear them after, it seems to just be this pair as the dark ones have been fine.
friendly buyer
friendly buyer Reply to on 7 June 2018
probably too perfect a fit.

I purchased Medium size and they fit me perfectly. im not built (but not skinny) 5'9. Zara/H&M medium size buyer.

Washed once in a 20c wash and came out fine. no bobbling yet but only worn for hanging around in/going out and about. I would wash 20c or colder to avoid changing the shape

Will buy more at the same size.
geezer Reply to on 14 July 2017
Ordered grey previously and fitted well / shame same cannot be said about blue joggers as they arrived with stains on them
Clearly this shows there's no quality control and have had to send them back...
Raphael Zernoff
Raphael Zernoff Reply to on 12 November 2017
The joggers are very comfortable. Considering the low price they are as good, if not more comfortable, as my other branded ones. I would buy another pair.
Mac Collie
Mac Collie Reply to on 24 January 2018
When these first arrived I was really impressed, great fit, comfortable and looked good. However 6 weeks in, the elastic has gone and the material is so bobbly I wouldn’t wear these out in public, they’ve been demoted to bottoms I’d use to decorate with. Would not buy again.
oatcakes Reply to on 13 November 2017
Ordered these last week and they were delivered on Saturday.
They are good quality, nice fleecy lining and a lovely charcoal colour as described.
Fit as expected,can not comment yet on how they wash.
Bonus too as they are made in England. Thanks.
Souitch Reply to on 22 March 2018
good fit when new
shrinks a bit if put in the dryer
still 4 stars as it doesn't get dirty easily and allows me to be lazy on my couch for longer periods of time between washes
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