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Grandmaster Yip Man Wing Chun:Videomesum

Yip Man
Yip Man Published in October 19, 2018, 4:58 am
 Grandmaster Yip Man Wing Chun:Videomesum

Grandmaster Yip Man Wing Chun:Videomesum


Ian Mck
Ian Mck Reply to on 10 August 2017
I found this fascinating to watch.
Posture, concentration etc.
A. Jones
A. Jones Reply to on 5 February 2017
interesting viewing for any Wing Chun students, but not really for anyone who either hasn't started or trying to see what its capabilities are.
Kamil W.
Kamil W. Reply to on 27 May 2017
Asking me to watch someone do Sul Lim Tao for 20 minutes is not very exciting or educating, especially with not poor commentary. And why is it entitled
Grandmaster Yip Man Wing Chun?

Not much about Yip Man there.
Nathan Lockham
Nathan Lockham Reply to on 28 May 2017
I really enjoyed the film. I found it vert educational and thought it was a excellent support of self defense.
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